Frequently Asked Questions

Clay Brick Classifications

FBX (Face Brick Extra)

Renowned for their impeccable uniformity in size and shape, handpicked as the epitome of excellence for its unwavering color consistency.

FBS (Face Brick Standard)

Bricks that are synonymous with their unwavering uniformity in both size and shape. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that every brick adheres to the highest standards of consistency.

FBA (Face Brick Aesthetic)

Bricks renowned for their exceptional durability and captivating color palettes. However, it’s important to acknowledge that these bricks don’t conform to a uniform size and shape. Referred to as Semiface Bricks.

NFX (Non-Facing Extra)

Bricks that are the embodiment of strength and durability, tailored specifically for plaster work. These bricks, while not uniform in color and shape, boast unmatched robustness. Though their appearance might not conform, their structural integrity remains unparalleled, giving you the reliability and value you seek.

NFP (Non-Facing Plaster)

These bricks are not suitable for foundational use and are exclusively recommended for single-storey buildings. While they do offer a cost-effective option, it’s essential to note that utilizing this brick style comes with limitations and should be used with caution.

Mosaic Satin Facebrick

PA (Clay Paver)

Chosen for their exceptional quality, these PA pavers stand as the epitome of excellence. Their uniformity ensures that your paving project will exude a clean and consistent look. With every step, you’ll feel the enduring strength underfoot, a testament to the reliability of these carefully selected bricks.

PB (Clay Paver):

Paving bricks selected for their durability and uniformity of size and shape. They are straight edge pavers leaving a clean straight finish. PB pavers will provide a clean look for your paving job.

Classification Strength Application
FBX (Face Brick Extra) 30-35MPA Double Storey/Foundation
FBS (Face Brick Standard) 25-30MPA Double Storey/Foundation
FBA (Face Brick Aesthetic) 15-20 MPA Double Storey/Foundation
NFX (Non-Face Extra) 10-15 MPA Double Storey/Foundation
NFP (Non-Face Plaster) 7 MPA Single Storey
PA (Clay Pavers) 7 MPA Driveway
PB (Clay Pavers) 7 MPA Driveway

Brick Textures

Satin: A smooth clean finish brick with a slightly rough edge
Travertine: A light textured brick with a natural grainy finish
Rock-Face: A rock like finish allowing for a textured finish
Smooth: A perfectly smooth flawless finish

Brick Size

Imperial/Stock Brick:
222mm (L) 106mm (W) 73mm (H)

Coro Jem:
222mm (L) 150mm (W) 73mm (H)

Maxi Brick :
290mm (L) 140mm (W) 90mm (H)

Cement Blocks:
390mm (L) 140mm (W) 190mm (H)

How many bricks do you use per square meter?

Interior Walls

Imperial/Stocks: 55 bricks per square meter (m2)
Maxi: 35 bricks per square meter (m2)

Exterior Walls

Imperial/Stocks: 110 bricks per square meter (m2)
Maxi: 72 bricks per square meter (m2

Weight and Pallet Sizes

Imperial/Stock bricks:

1 brick weighs: 2.5 to 3.5 kilograms (kgs)
Pallet size: 464 to 500 bricks per pallet
Pallet Weight: 1392 to 1550 kgs (kilograms) or 1.4 to 1.5 tonnes a pallet.

Maxi bricks:

1 brick weighs: 5.5kgs (kilograms)
Pallet Size: 250 bricks per pallet
Pallet Weight: 1375 to 1450kgs or 1.4 tonnes



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